Indiana Cardinals Semi Pro Football

Proud member of The Cross Roads Football League

About The Cardinals

The Indiana Cardinals started as a thought of two brothers, Corey and Courtney Martin. Both brothers had played on semi-pro teams, South Bend Stampede and The Flyers. When the Flyers folded, the Martin boys decided they would bring a semi-pro team back to Fort Wayne. There was too much talent here to have to travel to join another team. With their mother’s help, the Indiana Cardinals joined the ranks of semi-pro football teams.   

The Indiana Cardinals were established in 2008 and also fielded a team in 2009, being a member of the Midwest Football League.  The Cardinals did not field a team in 2010, we felt the need to re-evaluate the commitment of the players and also regroup as team owners and organization as a whole.

Based on the conversations and emails, the Indiana Cardinals, presence was missed in Fort Wayne last season. This is why we have decided to revive the team.

The Cardinals goal is to provide an outlet and environment to play the sport of semi-pro football. We hope to bring a competitive team to the league and to Fort Wayne. We aim to keep semi-pro football in the Fort Wayne area.  We will never play dirty. But we will play football. With that being said, The Indiana Cardinals are back.....

 We will be playing our home games  at Portage Middle School.  Portage is located at 3521 Taylor Street. The playing surface is natural grass, and the location has home and away locker rooms, so players don’t have to dress in cars or in parking lots, and also has working scoreboard.  We would like to thank Portage for the opputunity to call their field home.